About us

loves tulips

We are a part of an authentic bulb growing family company. The stories, machines, objects and methods convey over a 100 years of experience and history of the WAM Pennings Family.

Everybody loves tulips! However still not everybody knows where it comes from and how it grows. In the gardens of Amsterdam you find the prettiest fields that look like a spring painting. We give you exclusive access to over one million tulips. Tulip Experience Amsterdam provides background story and education about tulips! In this way we can all enjoy tulips in the right way. We provide perfect photo opportunities and you can experience the tulip in a responsible and sustainable way.

Tulip experience Amsterdam tells the story of the tulip, based on years of practice. We provide the perfect combination of knowledge and experience to explain each step of the process. With this knowledge and understanding we can experience tulips and enjoy them in the best way. We want to share our passion with you so you will love tulips as much as we do!

every day!

We are open from 20th of March until the 9th of May every day from 8 till 6.